The act of buying or selling a house, for many people, is one of the largest financial transactions they will ever experience. And some people may try to go it alone, hoping to “save” a few commission dollars. But often, these folks find that the process becomes more complicated, frustrating, and overwhelming than what they envisioned. Why take that risk with one of your largest financial transactions?

Enter Gorsuch-Hensley Real Estate & Auction, Inc. Whether buying or selling a home, we can make your life much easier than that of the “go it alone” crowd. We’re experienced in the business of residential real estate sales and acquisition, and we’ll take the time to help you understand each step of the process. Throughout your experience with us, we believe you’ll quickly see that we’re down to earth people who love what we do – and that’s helping other people. So why not put our expertise and enthusiasm to work for you? We’re confident that we’ll improve your bottom line! Contact us today, for a no cost-no obligation consultation.

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50 years ago, a farmland sale often involved visiting with the neighbor, or a relative, and agreeing on a price and terms. At that time, if you owned a farm, or hoped to, you most often lived local to the property. In today’s world, things have changed. Today, absentee landowners may inherit farm property without the benefit of knowing anything about the asset – and can often live states away. In other situations, an estate that owns a farm needs to be settled with the benefit of an arms-length public sale. In every case, knowing what to do, how to do it, and who to trust, can be complicated.

That’s where Gorsuch-Hensley Real Estate & Auction, Inc. comes into play. We know what needs to be done to sell farm real estate – and to sell it for top-dollar! We’re trustworthy, and we’re experienced. And we offer both private brokerage and public auction services. So when you – or your family – need to sell a farm, we can help! Contact us today, for a no cost-no obligation consultation.

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The purchase or sale of commercial real estate, like that of residential and farm property, requires specialized expertise. Looking for a new or different office building? We can help you find it. Have a bowling alley to sell? How about a golf course? Our agents have been involved in the acquisition or marketing of nearly every kind of commercial property! So whether you are looking to buy or sell that unique piece of commercial property, Gorsuch-Hensley Real Estate & Auction, Inc. can help. Contact us today, for a no cost-no obligation consultation.

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